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Marilyn K. Gillette

Tooele County Clerk


Tooele County Clerk

47 South Main, Room #318

Tooele, UT 84074

Telephone Numbers:

Main: (435) 843-3140

Fax: (435) 882-7317


Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed on legal holidays.

Tooele County Clerk - Election Information

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General Election - November 6, 2018

Primary Election Results

Primary Election Precinct Canvassed Report

2018 Election Information

Ballot Propositions

Proposition #6 - Shall Tooele County adopt the alternate form of government known as the council-manager form of government that has been recommended by the study committee?

Proposition # 16 - Shall Tooele County, Utah, be authorized to impose a quarter-of-one percent (0.25%, the equivalent of 1 cent for every $4.00 spent) sales and use tax for the specific purpose of funding a system for public transit?


DUG-01, DUG-02
ERD-01.1 ERD-01.2ERD-02.1, ERD-02.2ERD-02.3ERD-02.4
G-01.1, G-01.2, G-01.3, G-02.1, G-02.2, G-03.1, G-03.2, G-04.1, G-04.2, G-05, G-06
LP-01.1, LP-02.1
RV-01.1- 01.2
SP-01, SP-02, SP-03, SP-04, SP-05, SP-06, SP-07
STK-01.1-01.2, STK-02.1-02.2
T-01 T-02 T-03.1-03.2
T-04.1-04.2 T-05 T-06 T-07
T-08 T-09 T-10 T-11 T-12 T-13 T-14
T-15 T-16 T-17 T-18 T-19 T-20 T-21


Election Results

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All voters must present photo ID at the polls in order to cast a ballot.
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Tooele County | 47 South Main Street | Tooele, UT 84074 | Telephone: (435) 843-3100